About Us

How it all began..

On Your Barks Merch started the same way all good disney stories start. With the love of two people for their dog! You guessed it. That handsome boy on the left... Scooby.

We adopted Scooby on Valentines day 2022. A Romanian street rescue, he arrived with us a small fluffy ball of nerves and anxiety. As he got older he began to show reactive behaviours towards other dogs and men. So to help keep him safe we looked into getting some patches for his harness that would advise people of his special requirements.

Unable to find what we wanted, we looked into making our own. A family member owned a hobbyist embroidery machine so we used that to make patches that best described his needs. Other dog owners saw these patches and asked us to make some for them and so On Your Barks Merch was born!

You Silly Sausage!

Fast forward 10 months and we had an addition to the OYBM family!

Benny, also a rescue pup, was the polar opposite to Scooby. A bold, fearless weeing and pooping machine he became the perfect ying to Scooby's Yang. Benny has been the inspiration for many patches such as "Squirrel Patrol" & "Park Security" and loves nothing better than trying to beat up his big brother!